School and Grades


Parents can expect their child's learning to meet the expectations of the Ontario Curriculm and much more. Learning will focus on a students strengths, work on gaps in knowledge, and get ready for working in the technological 21st Century.

Students will be learning through various field trips, community programs, and being involved with the positive building and shaping of our community. Students will learn the value of responsibility of self and for their community, along with respect for themselves and others around them.

Students will be encouraged to challenge themselves by being involved in healthy living and competition. Students will engage in various competitions either athletically or academically. They will sample various activities such as karate, parkour, yoga, coding, robotics, and STEAM compeitions as part of their academic year.


Students will be encouraged to meet various milestones for each learning tier (Kindergarten, Primary, Junior, Senior). Although the curriculm requires understanding of certain skills at different grade levels, there is also an understanding that certain learning is an ongoing continuum. The following are examples of some of the learning goals for each learning tier:

Kindergarten: Students are learning what it is and means to learn. Students are encouraged to build social skills with their peers, learn the english alphabet and sounds, numbers to 10, begin the early steps of reading and writing, build understanding and positively interact with the world around them through experiencial play, and build key knowledge required for Primary Learning.

Primary: Students are advancing their understanding of reading through shared and guided reading opportunities. Students will build their phonics base and continue to work from "learning to read" to "reading to learn". In writing, students will work on various writing skills and techniques to build their understanding. In mathmatics students will continue their understanding of various math problems through numeration, the four operations, and other essential math concepts in the Ontario Curriculum. In the sciences, focus will be on various concepts in biology, physics, chemistry, and social / geological sciences.

Junior: Students will continue their learning in writing, with more emphasis on independent understanding, and building a "reading to learn" understanding and management. Students will explore various texts and be able to make relations and connections (text to self, text to world, text to text). In writing, students will explore various writing styles, their uses, and when they are to be used. Students will begin the process of how to research, appropriate sources, how to summarize, and how research can be used in an argument or to present understanding. At this level, students will continue to explore and master various math skills and concepts. The sciences will once again focus on various concepts around biology, physics, chemistry, and social / geological sciences, but will also look at research and presenting understanding through various means.